About Us

The Beginning, The Journey, The Team & The Future


ThinVoid is a company registered in the republic of Uganda with a vision of becoming one of the greatest contributors to technology not only in Uganda but the entire world. We consider ourselves a disruptive technology company employing cutting edge solutions based on global standards while having a critical understanding of our local environment, markets and tech-space. We typify global solutions to local problems.

Incorporated on August 22nd, we have since grown to be a leading disruptive solutions provider in Africa. The team is composed of talented, forward thinking and highly enthusiastic individuals with a diverse set of skills and are ready to take on any challenge. Members of our team are noted key personalities in Kampala’s growing tech industry and have, over the past few years, been nominated for several prestigious product development and innovation awards. Through collaborations with local and international partners, ThinVoid is continuously augmenting a vast set of skills and has developed a network that includes the very best in the business.

What we do

As ThinVoid (U) Ltd, we work through the empty technology void, that currently spans our technology space, and use our technical and creative abilities to provide creative-tech solutions. We ensure to research, design, develop and deploy technologies to meet challenges faced by communities and businesses. The challenges that we address are not specific to individuals or particular businesses but are common to groups or individuals (communities) and sets of businesses. This way the technology that we develop is of cutting edge standards and can be adopted into various systems.

The Team

  • Joseph Kaizzi

    Joseph is a tech enthusiast, seasoned marketer, developer and aspiring super hero who loves a good challenge. When he's not thinking, dreaming or coding, he's ThinVoiding just like Lara Croft does in Tomb Raider.
  • Ivan Okori

    Ivan is the perfect example of a generalist. A “Jack of all trades”, he has the ability to work with teams from different disciplines and still get them to collaborate on numerous issues.
  • Michael Kwizera

    Michael is a highly creative, innovative, efficient and methodical marketing tour de force with extensive experience in the complex and oft chaotic local business environment. He has diverse experience in supporting sales from the base selling function through to sales planning and strategy. With eight years progressive marketing experience and a real world understanding of people and diversity, he has handled marketing teams for start-ups and technology firms, as well as sales and marketing for FMCGs.
  • Elma Asio

    Elma Asio is a professional accountant with a knack for written word that she uses to in managing and updating our online content. Her strong work ethic and analytical prowess have empowered her with commendable skill that she uses to save the day countless times.
  • David Musoke

    David the Squadronite is a celebrated developer with unique skills and abilities that set him apart from his peers. His fascination with Artificial Intelligence has been the driving force behind numerous R&D projects here at ThinVoid.
  • Prof. Jude Lubega

    Prof. Jude Lubega is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University, strategic advisor at ThinVoid and a world class researcher. He previously served in Makerere University as the Deputy Dean and the Head of the Information Technology Department of the Faculty of Computing and IT. He is an experienced ICT4D consultant and has undertaken numerous researches and projects both nationally and internationally. He is a member of several boards and has won several research funding to undertake ICT4D projects. http://utamu.ac.ug/staff/managementstaff/jlubega.html
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