ThinVoid Products

  • Hear Me Out

    A unique tool that takes the stress out of social customer care by automating repeat tasks; greatly improving on query response time and ultimately humanizing the entire experience.

  • SMS Monk

    Get the most from you SMS (Short Message Service) campaigns by targeting specific interest groups using keywords, location and numerous other paramaters.

  • Tambula

    With Tambula, real-time data helps you stay on top of fleet operations. Our solutions are designed to give you complete control over what's happening out on the road - right from your computer at the office, to the phone in your pocket. The technology captures and transmits real-time data to give you all the critical details when you need them. Now you can make more informed decisions, identify issues before they become problems and keep operations economical and efficient.

  • Ticket Bender

    Affordable ticketing solution for transportation, events and additional services.

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